Nick Brennan

Meet Nick

Nick has always enjoyed all kinds of music. As a kid, he especially loved singers with a deep bass voice.

With his own rich country voice, just for the fun of it, Nick started singing covers of his favorite country artists like Trace Adkins and Josh Turner. When his mom, Cherie Brennan, award-winning inspirational country singer/songwriter, heard him singing, she asked if he’d ever thought of doing it for real.

Three years later, a string of radio tours, showcases, music videos, a wild album
release party at Nashville’s Wild Horse Saloon, and a Grand Ole Opry performance (just to name a few highlights), Nick’s growing music career has been nothing short of amazing.

Nick Brennan has come full circle as a recording artist releasing singles, and making
music videos. Now that all that craziness is behind Nick, he’s coming back for more with his first ever US tour debuting in 2020!

Big things are coming for his fans, so stay tuned!

All of Nick’s music videos can be found here on his website, or his YouTube channel.